Photo Restoration Service

Very often printed photographs that you own will fade or get damaged over time, so we are here to help you to restore old pictures back to their former glory. Don’t worry if you are a non-technology-savvy person, as we will take care of all the steps & procedures using professional software and equipment, saving you time and sanity, and most importantly leaving you with quality results that you can cherish for generations.





Will it be expensive to get it fixed?

Different photographs may be exposed to different types of damage at different intensity, therefore the answer varies based on the existing condition of your pictures, and the output you are looking for. We are only able to look at the cost and give you a free quote when we have the original pictures to hand. When a job costs more than what you are prepared to invest, we can offer editing service in stages, which means you can spread the cost according to your budget.


Is there still hope for my picture?

So far we have been able to restore most damaged pictures back to its original condition, or at least into a significantly improved version, however it is still essential for us to do a thorough assessment for every picture that came to us. Thorough assessment normally involves scanning pictures into a computer using a professional scanner and then have them enlarged on the screen to see details that often cannot be seen with naked eyes.


Can I email the photographs to be repaired to you?

Ideally we prefer to work from original photographs, as we can scan them to our computer using a high-resolution scanner. If you don't live in or nearby Oughterard, please call or text Alex at +353870984219 so that we can provide our address and guide to send your precious photographs to us. 

If sending physical copy or original print is impossible or deemed too risky, or you already have the high resolution scanned photographs, then please do not hesitate to email us at