Passport / Visa Photography Service


According to Ireland Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, one of the main reasons passport applications are rejected is poor quality photos. Essentially when submitting your photo, it must be in focus, lighting must be not too dark and not too light, no shadows on face, no hair on the eyes, no glare on lenses if you wear glasses, no 'red eye', no smiling, no opening mouth, no tilting your head, face not too far from camera, and not too close either, background has to be plain, etc etc etc....

...OR maybe, it is just worth to have a professional photographer to help you meet the guideline. 

Some people find the photo requirement can be bit too overwhelming, and when you have so much other things that need sorting, the last thing you want is a DELAYED APPLICATION.

So if you are located in Oughterard and are looking to get passport or visa photo done in the comfort of your own home, Myoptix Photography can certainly help you to achieve this. Please read our safety measures for any upcoming photography session in response to Covid-19We may extend our service area to places outside of Oughterard with an appropriate travel surcharge if you need us. 

The cost for this service is €15 per person, with minimum of 4 people per session.

  • No travel charge for locations in Oughterard
  • We will bring lighting and plain background to you. A minimum of 3x3 metre space is required.
  • Each person will receive 4 appropriately-sized passport/visa prints, with photographer's stamp at the back
  • Digital copy can be delivered via email if required

To book a slot for passport / visa photography session, please contact us at 0870984219 or email with your details.