Scanning & Archiving Service

 Do you:

  • worry that you will eventually lose, misplace or forget the significant picture(s), e.g due to house moving/clearing, health issue, family commitment or busy life?

  • have concern that the future generations unable to appreciate family history, or don’t get to know relatives/ancestors/past events, and would be happy if they have copies of the image(s)?

If you're saying 'Yes' to any of the above, then our scanning services are ideal if you are looking to create a digital archive to share with relatives. We can also scan a collection of letters, historical documents and precious memories. This service may also benefit artists who wish to make high resolution copies of their work.

Our pricing structure for scanning service is as follows:

Size of photograph / document Standard scan High-resolution scan
Up to A4 size €1.50 €5
Larger than A4 size - €10


Film types 1-10 frames More than 10 frames
35mm film €1 €0.50
35mm slides €1 €0.50
Medium format (120mm) €2 €1
Large format 4x5" €5 €2.50
Large format 10x8" €10 €5