Tape to Digital

Old tapes hold memories and records of events that can so easily be forgotten, more than this they hold people as they were at a given moment in time. Maybe it's the cherished memories of a wedding day, a special birthday, or you just want to see your Nan as you remember her one more time. However tapes are now obselete, and the technology is hard to come by, and like photographs tapes are prone to damage and eventually wear out. We take these old formats and digitise them so they can be preserved, relived and enjoyed again.

 Will it be expensive to transfer?

We offer fixed pricing structure for the archiving services that starts from €17.50 per tape, this can be onto DVD, USB or sent electronically to you. The cost depends on the length of the tape and the format. 

 Will you be able to transfer my tape?

We are able to transfer most types of tapes with a few exceptions. We are able to transfer DVD, VHS, VHS-C (mini vhs), Hi-8, Digital-8, MiniDV, Audio CD's, audio compact cassettes, 8mm and Super-8 cinereel tapes. Currently we are unable to transfer reel to reel audio tapes, 8-track audio tapes, as well as 16mm and 35mm film reel.

 How do I get the tapes to you to you?

With tapes it can be best to drop them off directly with us, especially if they are in delicate condition. If you don't live in or nearby Oughterard, please call or text Alex at +353870984219 so that we can provide our address and guide to send your precious tapes to us. We are also happy to advise on packaging your tapes for postage.