Photo restoration

Photo restoration

We offer a photo restore and alteration service, whether its an old photograph that has been damaged, or a new one that needs another family member adding.

Please note a lot of our clients prefer to keep their images away from general view, and we fully respect those wishes. The photos you see here we have been given permission to share on our site.

Our Process

Once we have your photograph we will contact you and advise on any costs before work is carried out.

Our costs vary depending on the photo and each photo needs assessment. Our prices start from €12. 

Once you approve the work we will start work on it and let you know when it is finished.

We offer prints and framing for restored photos.

Commonly services requested

  • Photo restoration
  • Removal of items/people
  • Addition of people, pets or objects
  • Background removal
  • Colourisation – Black and white to colour

Getting your photos to us

Our digitization service ensures that we can get the most accurate representation, we use museum standard equipment. Whilst we prefer to work from original images this isn’t always possible. you are welcome to send us your own scans and pictures. If scanning please use the highest settings possible, for enlargements 600dpi and above is recommended.

Contact us if you have any questions