Photo restoration and Archiving

Photo restoration, fixing, archiving and Tape formats


We can take your old damaged photographs and fix them up for you. By digitising the original we non-destructively fix your photos for you to share with friends and family.

We only use the digital copy so the original remains with it’s own story. 

We offer our photo restoration from our location in County Galway, Ireland, you are welcome to arrange an appointment or send us through your images.

Services we offer include:

  • Removing creases, and tares
  • Fixing fades and water or fire damage
  • Colour and black and white conversions
  • Editing of images
  • Removal of people objects or background
  • Black and white to colour
  • Archiving and duplication as well as enlargements

Negatives, slides and documents

We handle all types of negatives, slides, plates as well as printed media.

All items are handled with extreme care, and returned in acid free archival quality packaging.

We are able to create digital libraries and back ups of all your images and media to pass on to family members.


We are also able to digitise all common video formats.

  • VHS and VHSc
  • DV and MiniDV
  • Video 8, Hi8 and Digital8
  • Cinéreel 8mm and Super 8



We also cater for all old audio format including cassette tape, CD, vinyl MiniDisc and reel to reel formats